Friday, December 3, 2010

Pirates of the Caribbean 5 Movie

Pirates of the Caribbean 5 Movie - POTC 5The fourth Pirates of the Caribbean movie hasn't been released yet, but you can bet that the execs at Disney are already considering what's next for the Pirates franchise. No wonder here, the franchise is extremely popular and its followers are craving for more adventures involving Captain Jack Sparrow.

And according to HitFix (a reliable online news outlet), Disney is checking the crew could be available for two more Pirates of the Caribbean movies, maybe for a two-parters that would be filmed back to back. So yep we can get ready for the movie Pirates of the Caribbean 5.

I guess we all wish to see Johnny Depp to reprise his role as Jack Sparrow. But his return isn't set in stone yet. Johnny Depp was kind of disappointed that Gore Verbinski had to leave the director's seat, and he asked for a fat paycheck to do the fourth film... I doubt he already signed up for more films though... besides his agenda is quite busy with other films.

But from what I heard, filming of Pirates of the Caribbean 4 was a success and the film will be awesome: Director Rob Marshall must have won over Johnny Depp's trust then. So I think Johnny Depp would sooner or later accept to come back for Pirates of the Caribbean 5.

Let's pray for Disney to go ahead with the movie Pirates of the Caribbean 5 then!

Update - Scriptwriter Terry Rossio has signed up with Disney to pen the screenplay of Pirates of the Caribbean 5. And when asked about POTC 5, Actor Johnny Depp said he'd be interested reprising his role as Jack Sparrow:

"As long as we can put all the puzzle pieces together, I would most definitely consider it."
Actor Johnny Depp